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New updates coming soon...... ;)
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I am the Co-Founder and Lead Project Manager of PteroAddons.Net.
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As many of you know, Pterodactyl Addons is run off of community donations and we try to make an AD free experience. We still would like to keep our site an AD free experience. It would mean the world to us if you could consider joining our Patreon. You get quite a few benefits and we will always be adding more.
22 days ago

Site Version 1.0.3 1. Branding:   a) We have changed the background of our logo. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    b) We have changed the entire colour scheme of our site with a gradient design. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler 2. Profiles:   a) Removed "about" button due to some issues. (Will re-add once fixed) (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler   3. Resources Pages:   a) We made changes to buttons to say different things depending on the product types. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    b) We have added some more features to the product sidebar, we moved where it says the price of products there as well. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    c) We have added the prices of products to the resource listing page to make it easier to find items in your price range. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler   Suggestions? Join our Discord:  
3 months ago

Hello UndercoverNL, We plan to add a tag that shows up on the resource listings and the page with the resource itself to show which version of Pterodactyl it's made for. Hope this helps! Regards,Roman
3 months ago

Site Version 1.0.2 1. Profiles:   a) Introduced a new resources button that allows you to view users resources. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler   2. Resources Pages:   a) We added Overview and Releases buttons to the top of all resource pages to make it easier to access everything you need. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    b) The releases page looks more attractive and responsive. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    c) Better product purchasing and download buttons have been implemented. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler    d) New seller settings bar has been added to the right side of every resource that they own to be able to control it better. (Image in Spoiler) Spoiler Suggestions? Join our Discord:  
3 months ago